Within the fifth and sixth semester of the bachelor course in mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich students can focus on a project work.

The students work in teams to realize a product and in the process they go all the way from the idea, the concept phase, calculation and simulation to the manufacturing, construction and implementation. The students can take decisions freely and assume responsibility for financial, social and technical aspects of their project.

Contacts to producers and sponsors need to be made and the students have to document and present their progress. The teams are supplemented by students from other schools and faculties and they are supported by specialists from the department and the industry.

Further focus projects 2010/11:

Traloc: www.traloc.ethz.ch
Pegasus: www.pegasus.ethz.ch
AMZ: www.amz.ethz.ch
Suncar: www.sun4car.com


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